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Dock Your Business With Us: Up and down the German North Sea Coast, the Port System Niedersachsen is creating a multitude of opportunities for cargo handling outfits and companies in the logistics service industry to develop. To the import/export industry, the seaports offer a very productive and efficient infrastructure. We have the suitable cargo handling facilities and special logistics solutions for any kind of good in our ports.

There are numerous open areas available, earmarked for the expansion of the port activities and for the settlement of companies with an affinity to the seaport. A good example for such growth is the development in the on and offshore wind energy sector. With flexibility and innovation, we create the ideal conditions at our locations for the successful establishment of new industries, in addition to the existing lines of business.

Over 70 hectares of developable areas and open space areas offer attractive location conditions for your settlement right in our seaport Brake.

Benefit from the perfect location and the future connection to water depths for sea-going ships and take advantage of all the site benefits Brake has to offer.
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Please contact the marketing/sales department at the headquarters of NPorts in Oldenburg for further questions.


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